Atlantic ocean

Delightful nature, the main wealth of Cape Verde.

The islands successfully hold the top lines of unofficial ratings of the best oceand destinations- from scuba diving or simply boating. You can get to the island during all the year even in the summer heat , in summer you can feel light, comfortable breeze from the ocean.

Gambia the smallest state of Africa and its neighbour Senegal are located nearby islands. Beach tours is unusual thing for us although tournism in these countries is developing quite rapidly. The aim of local government is to turn the Gambia and Senegal as one of the worlds tourism centres.
Countries have their own access to the Atlantic Ocean and a few kilometers of beaches, as well as unique African nature and culture, so you can combine lying on the beach with excursions to these exotic countries.

Our company offers you 7, 10 and 2-week beach tours to these exotic countries on the Atlantic Ocean with dining from BB to ALL Inclusive.

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